Liquid Lipstick Tips & Tricks

Applying a liquid lipstick can be a bit daunting, especially for someone who has never used them before. From bleeding edges to patchiness to clumping, applying any liquid lipstick an be tricky. To help troubleshoot some of the common problems we see, here are a few helpful tips and tricks. This page is here to help with some of the mistakes made during application and helpful tips on how to avoid them.


This is one of the biggest and most common mistakes we often see. When it comes to liquid lipsticks, exfoliation is key, which is why we've put it at number one!

Using a product specifically designed for exfoliating lips is certainly the easiest way to do this. Choose a scrub that uses natural sugar rather than walnut shell or apricot seed powders as these can create tiny tears in the lips.

You don't have to use a high end lip scrub to do this. There is a simple trick that can be done with a soft toothbrush and your favorite lip balm. First, apply a thick layer of lip balm all over your clean lips. Next, using soft toothbrush, gently scrub in small circular motions all over the lips. The toothbrush will lift away the dead, dried skin, while the layer of balm helps protect the lips.


Hydration is the key to maintaining any beautiful skin. This is especially true for the skin of the lips. When applying a liquid lipstick, it is important to make sure your lips are adequately moisturized. This is especially true for matte colors. Prior to application, applying a bit of moisturizing balm can make a huge difference.

Use a Primer!

We all know how much of a difference using a primer on your face or eyes makes when trying to get the best payout from your makeup. The same is true for your lips! When using a liquid lipstick, you should really be using a lip primer. This helps reduce the amount of color interference from your natural lips. Everyone's lips are different and different shades. A lip primer help bring out more of the lipsticks true color.

Use a Liner!

Another common problem we see with any liquid lipstick is feathering and bleeding. This can be easily solved by using a lip liner prior to application. To get that perfect lip shape, use a nude toned or similar color lip liner to create the outline of your lips. Blend into your lips, and apply to the inner corners to add dimension. You can then apply your liquid lipstick. Yes, this does create an extra step, but it really does make a difference!

Never press your lips!

This may be the biggest difference between applying a standard solid lipstick and a liquid one. When we apply a solid lipstick, we always press our lips so that all of the color is evenly distributed. In this case, that is the correct method. However, this is a critical thing to avoid when applying a liquid lipsticks.

When you press your lips, you are inadvertently making the product application look patchy. The product gets accumulated in one area and gives a gross look. Instead, when applying a liquid lipstick, coat and pat with a finger tip. This allows for more distribution and easier blending.

Set your lipstick!

This can be the difference between a lipstick that is looks tacky or a lipstick that looks velvety soft. Take a tissue and press it to your lips. Then using a blending brush and translucent setting powder, dust your lips OVER THE TISSUE. The tissue prevents adding too much powder, while the powder sets the lipstick.

Don't use too much!

Liquid Lipstick, especially matte ones, can get clumpy and cakey fast if you apply too much product all at once. Liquid lipsticks dry quickly, this is especially true for matte colors. When too much product is applied all at once, the outer layer dries quickly, while the dry down for the interior is nearly impossible. It is important to work quickly to ensure an even color distribution. Applying a single layer and working with that is best, since most colors are highly pigmented. For more opaque, bolder colors, applying a second layer can be done, but only once the first has dried.

Don't apply to the inner lining!

If you are noticing a build up in the inner corner of your lips, this could be the reason. For liquid lipsticks, you want to apply to the center of the lip and work your way outward. Use the finger patting method to distribute the product into the corner of the lips rather than applying it directly. This will help prevent build up in the corners. Using your liner in the inner corners will also help prevent this.

Don't reapply on old layers!

Any lip product can fade a bit throughout the day, even a well formulated lasting wear one. This is due to how much we use our mouths! Talking, eating, drinking, kissing... these are all things that degrade the lipstick application. With a solid lipstick, we generally just reapply and go. However, this is not the case with a liquid lipstick. You really do what to remove the old layers and reapply to avoid an uneven or cracking look.

Don't remove directly!

You read that right! Liquid lipsticks are difficult to remove. This is especially true for matte ones. Often, just using a makeup remover don't remove all of the color completely. This is because most liquid lipsticks are anhydrous and formulated to be resistant to water. The best way to remove liquid lipstick is to apply a lip balm or coconut oil over the lips and let it sit for about one full minute. Due to the oil based formulation of liquid lipsticks, the oils in the balm will break down the product making it easier to remove. From here, lightly rub away and the product should come off much easier.

We hope this helps! Now get out there and be dangerously beautiful!